Control Logging

Controlling logging globally

Rerun logging is enabled by default. The logging behavior can be overridden at runtime using the RERUN environment variable:

export RERUN=off python # or cargo run my_rerun_package # No log messages will be transmitted.

The RERUN environment variable is read once during SDK initialization. The accepted values for RERUN are 1/on/true, and 0/off/false.

ℹ️ Note: When Rerun is disabled, logging statements are bypassed and essentially become no-ops.

Creating a default-off setup in code

The "default-on" behavior can also be changed to a "default-off" behavior:

let mut session = rerun::Session::with_default_enabled(false);

Dynamically turn logging on/off

let mut session = Session::new(); if session.is_enabled() { println!("Logging is already on."); } else { session.set_enabled(true); }