Transform3D represents an affine 3D transformation between an entity and it's parent space in the entity hierarchy. Read more about spaces and transforms here

Components and APIs

Primary component: transform3d

Python APIs: log_transform3d

Rust API: Transform3D

Simple Example

"""Log different transforms between three arrows.""" import rerun as rr rr.init("rerun_example_transform", spawn=True) origin = [0, 0, 0] base_vector = [0, 1, 0] rr.log_arrow("base", origin=origin, vector=base_vector) rr.log_transform3d("base/translated", rr.Translation3D([1, 0, 0])) rr.log_arrow("base/translated", origin=origin, vector=base_vector) rr.log_transform3d( "base/rotated_scaled", rr.TranslationRotationScale3D(rotation=rr.RotationAxisAngle(axis=[0, 0, 1], radians=3.14 / 4), scale=rr.Scale3D(2)), ) rr.log_arrow("base/rotated_scaled", origin=origin, vector=base_vector)