Visualize computer vision

Rerun is an SDK for logging computer vision and robotics data paired with a visualizer for exploring that data over time. It lets you debug and understand the internal state and data of your systems with minimal code.

  • Rust
    cargo add rerun
  • Python
    pip install rerun-sdk
  • C/C++
    Coming soon
Thumbnail from reel video showing Rerun's UI

Build visualizations
by logging data

When you log data to the Rerun SDK, Rerun handles everything needed to visualize it. It handles live streams from multiple processes across the network, as well as simple playback from recordings. That means taking care of serialization, transport, synchronizing streams, out-of-order data, and automatically constructing visualizations with sane defaults.

Illustration showing log statements flowing from documents into Rerun

Made for understanding
computer vision & robotics

The Rerun Viewer builds configurable visualizations based on the data you log and the relationships between it. It uses transform hierarchies to lay out scenes and connect related data. It lets you scroll back and forth in time, and toggle between showing your data along different timelines, e.g. log time and sensor time. It's built to be fast so you can explore without waiting.

Screenshot of Rerun

The modern visualization stack for real world AI

A deeply customizable toolkit

Over time, Rerun will evolve from a tool to a fully customizable toolkit, where you’ll have control over everything from layout to data transforms and shaders. You’ll even be able to embed single views inside other applications.

Flexibility, speed & portability

Rerun is built from the ground up in Rust to run blazingly fast everywhere. The same code runs on your desktop, in the cloud, and in the browser using WASM.

The renderer is custom built using high performance and portable wgpu. The in-memory data store is built on top of Arrow for flexibility and ecosystem support. The viewer is built using an end-to-end immediate mode architecture using egui.

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From game engines and robotics

The tech powering Rerun is inspired by our experience building game engines, modern data systems, and developer tools for computer vision, robotics and automotive. We’ve had a couple tries at this both as users and tool builders and believe we’ve finally found a direction that will work from the very first line of prototype code to production.

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Open source

The Rerun project is completely open source and dual licensed under MIT and Apache 2. We also believe in sponsoring OSS creators and contributing directly to projects we depend on and have been doing so since day one. Rerun the company is a for-profit enterprise. In the future, we will sell a product that builds on top of the open source project, and focuses on the needs of teams.

Read about the commercial product

Rerun is in beta

We're just getting started and have lots of exciting features in the pipeline. Once a month we'll publish summary Release Notes of what got built and shipped in the last month, as well as updates on our plans.

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