Rerun 0.11 brings all SDKs to parity

The Rerun C++ SDK is now fully on par with our two other SDKs in Python and Rust. Thanks to some great community feedback we've added more options for integrating Rerun in your CMake projects.

Introducing the Rerun SDK for C++

The ability to log streams of multimodal data from C++ and visualize it live in Rerun has been our most requested feature since before our public launch in February. The C++ SDK is finally out, but getting here the right way has been a long road.

Rerun OSS beta is released

Today we're making the the Rerun open source project public. Rerun is now installable as pip install rerun-sdk for Python users and cargo add rerun for Rust users.

Computer vision for tennis

Computer vision is revolutionizing the way we solve problems in the real world. At Rerun, we have the opportunity to work with developers who are creating innovative computer vision products. One company we want to highlight is PlayReplay.

Computer vision for the blind

Computer vision is a powerful technology solving real problems in the real world, already today. It holds the potential to significantly improve life on earth over the next decades. At Rerun we have the privilege to work directly with developers that are building that future. From time to time we will introduce companies building computer vision products for the real world. The first company we want to introduce is biped.

Inspired by Bret Victor

In his 2014 talk Seeing Spaces, Bret Victor envisioned an environment where technology becomes transparent, where you effortlessly see inside the minds of robots as you build them. This is the dream of everyone building computer vision for the physical world, and is at the core of what we're building at Rerun.

Why Rust?

I've been a programmer for 20+ years, and few things excite me as much as Rust. My background is mostly in C++, though I have also worked in Python and Lua, and dabbled in many more languages. I started writing Rust around 2014, and since 2018 I've been writing Rust full time. In my spare time I've developed a popular Rust GUI crate, egui.