To get a feeling of what you can do with Rerun

What is Rerun?

Rerun is an SDK and engine for visualizing and interacting with multimodal data streams.

Rerun is

  • Simple to integrate and get started with
  • Usable from Python, Rust, and C++
  • Powerful, flexible, and extensible
  • Built in Rust to be cross platform and fast
  • Open source, dual licensed under MIT and Apache 2

Rerun is used by engineers and researchers in fields like computer vision and robotics to verify, debug, and demo.

For a list of built-in data types, see the Types section.

How do you use it?

  1. Stream multimodal data from your code by logging it with the Rerun SDK
  2. Visualize and interact with live or recorded streams, whether local or remote
  3. Interactively build layouts and customize visualizations
  4. Extend Rerun when you need to

How does it work?

That's a big question for a welcome page. The short answer is that Rerun goes to extreme lengths to make handling and visualizing multimodal data streams easy and performant.

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