The viewport is a flexible area where you can arrange your Space Views: You can grab the title of any Space View to dock it to different parts of the viewport or to form tabs.

View controls

Clicking on the title of a Space View has the same effect as selecting it in the Blueprint view and will show additional information & settings in the Selection view or other means.

For more information on how to navigate a specific Space View, hover its help icon at the top right corner.

The maximize button makes a single Space View fill the entire viewport. Only one Space view can be maximized at a time.

Categories of Space Views

Rerun distinguishes various categories of Space Views:

  • Spatial
    • Generic 2D & 3D data.
  • Tensor
    • Tensor view with support for arbitrary dimensionality.
  • Text log
    • Text over time.
  • Time series plot
    • Scalars over time.
  • Bar chart
    • Bar-chart lots made from 1D tensor data.

Which category is used is determined upon creation of a Space View.

TODO(@#1164): Allow configuring the category of a space view after its creation.

The kind of Space View determines which Entities it can display, how it displays them and the way they can be interacted with.