3D arrows with optional colors, radii, labels, etc.


Required: Vector3D

Recommended: Position3D

Optional: Radius, Color, Text, ClassId, InstanceKey


Simple batch of 3D Arrows

"""Log a batch of 3D arrows.""" from math import tau import numpy as np import rerun as rr rr.init("rerun_example_arrow3d", spawn=True) lengths = np.log2(np.arange(0, 100) + 1) angles = np.arange(start=0, stop=tau, step=tau * 0.01) origins = np.zeros((100, 3)) vectors = np.column_stack([np.sin(angles) * lengths, np.zeros(100), np.cos(angles) * lengths]) colors = [[1.0 - c, c, 0.5, 0.5] for c in angles / tau] rr.log("arrows", rr.Arrows3D(origins=origins, vectors=vectors, colors=colors))