Installing the Rerun Viewer

The Rerun Viewer can be installed independent of the SDK language you're using. Generally, you should make sure that your SDK version matches the version of the Viewer you're using to display any data you are logging.

There are many ways to install the viewer. Please pick whatever works best for your setup:

  • cargo binstall rerun-cli - download binaries via cargo binstall
  • cargo install rerun-cli - build it from source (this requires Rust 1.72+)
  • Download it from the GitHub Release artifacts
  • Together with the Rerun Python SDK:
    • pip3 install rerun-sdk - download it via pip
    • conda install -c conda-forge rerun-sdk - download via Conda
    • pixi global install rerun-sdk - download it via Pixi

In any case you should be able to run rerun afterwards to start the Viewer. You'll be welcomed by an overview page that allows you to jump into some examples. If you're facing any difficulties, don't hesitate to open an issue or join the Discord server.

To start getting your own data logged & visualized in the viewer check one of the respective getting started guides: