Rerun is building a visualization engine for streams of multimodal data that's easy to use, adapt, and extend.

Open an issue or pull request on GitHub or join us on Discord to let the community know what you'd like to see.

This page is meant to give an high level overview of ongoing and planned work.

We continually work on

  • Performance improvements
  • UX & DX improvements
  • Supporting more data types

Roadmap of major feature areas

Last week of November: Release 0.11

  • Improvements to the C++ SDK
    • Hosted api reference documentation
    • Even easier cmake build system integration
    • Logging non-rerun types is faster and easier
  • Expand the "Visual History" feature to "Visible Time Range"
    • For supported views and data types you'll be able to specify both absolute and relative time ranges to include data from.

December 2023: Release 0.12

  • Significant performance improvements for all time range visualizations, particularly time series.

Near term: Now - Q1 2024

  • End to end performance for high frequency time series logging
  • Layout and configuration from code (blueprint)
  • Datasets that are bigger than RAM for the native viewer

Medium term

  • Extensibility of all parts of the stack
  • Easily read query data recordings from user code
  • Callbacks and the ability to build interactive applications with Rerun
    • For example: UI for tweaking configs, custom data annotation tools, etc
  • Data format stability