Specifies that the entity path at which this is logged is disconnected from its parent.

This is useful for specifying that a subgraph is independent of the rest of the scene.

If a transform or pinhole is logged on the same path, this archetype's components will be ignored.


Required: DisconnectedSpace


Disconnected Space

"""Disconnect two spaces.""" import rerun as rr rr.init("rerun_example_disconnect_space", spawn=True) # These two points can be projected into the same space.. rr.log("world/room1/point", rr.Points3D([[0, 0, 0]])) rr.log("world/room2/point", rr.Points3D([[1, 1, 1]])) # ..but this one lives in a completely separate space! rr.log("world/wormhole", rr.DisconnectedSpace()) rr.log("world/wormhole/point", rr.Points3D([[2, 2, 2]]))